Enerworks Inc.

Home and Commercial Solar Hot Water

Enerworks has been the leading manufacturer of high quality solar heating systems, made in the Canada, for over 15 years. Use our domestic or commercial systems for solar hot water, radiant under floor heating, space heating, pools and off-grid homes. Enerworks provides the ideal solution for your needs with the best all-round performance, durability and built-in overheat protection. Dealerships and installation training are available.

We feature ‘drop-in’ packaged systems, and supporting products. See our catalog for details and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Enerworks solar vacuum tubes:
- Can efficiently absorb diffuse solar radiation present in cloudy conditions.
- Are virtually unaffected by outside temperature.
- Are virtually unaffected by wind.
- Gather energy from the available light rather than outside heat.
- Can deliver hot water in the cold winter months.
- Have an automatic overheating limitation device built in.
- Are the best solar hot water producers on the market.

With our high quality and efficiency, your return on investment over time will be excellent. What else can you buy that will pay for itself many times over in its lifetime?

How much water can we heat for you? See our detailed performance charts for North America.

The Enerworks Collector can be installed anywhere in Canada and the US – from Alaska and the Yukon to Florida. There are various applications available, designed to suit the different situations and needs of our customers. Talk to us about custom applications to suit your situation.

Our gallery offers snapshots of real-life installations of our systems along with detailed information about their set-up.

Learn the facts about solar energy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.