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Eco Sense

by Patrick on August 9, 2010

Ann and Gord Baird of Eco Sense walk the talk of sustainable living in their multi-generational home. Features include passive solar design, solar PV with grid tie, net zero electricity, energy and water conservation, solar thermal hot water, composting (no flush) toilets, rain water harvesting, grey water re-use, a living roof, earthen floors, and natural finishes into their exceptionally beautiful, modern and affordable version of earthen architecture. The couple’s passion and knowledge is expressed in their work consulting, building, advancing policy , research, and in the hundreds of tours they have given through their home. The Eco-Sense home is registered for the Living Building Challenge. They teach that if it isn’t affordable it isn’t sustainable and live their motto Less life stuff…more life style!

Their website is eco-sense.ca and they also have a blog.

Rear of the Eco-sense building showing the back of th Solar Tubes Back of Solar Tubes Two solar collectors at eco-sense Two solar collectors at eco-sense Close up of solar collector at eco-sense Close up of solar collector at eco-sense

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