Enerworks Inc.

Photo Gallery

An apartment building in Halifax
A system installed on the farmers market in Halifax
90 tubes Radiant Floor and Domestic hot water A 90 tube system that integrates radiant floor heating with domestic hot water.
Tanks and controls for solar system This 30 solar tube system was installed in Yuba City, California to heat the domestic hot water.
A boarding house for UVIC students thumbnail This 20 solar tube system in Victoria supplies the hot water for a boarding house for college students.
A 20 tube domestic hot water installation in Victoria A 20 solar tube system installed in Victoria for domestic hot water
Eco Sense use our solar tubes on their sustainable cob house.
20 tubes in Southern Oregon. Installed in 1992 for solar domestic hot water.
30 tubes in Columbia Maryland in 1993. Used for solar domestic hot water.
30 tubes in Eugene, Oregon. Installed in 1995 for solar domestic hot water.
30 tubes installed in 1992 in Sidney, BC. Used for solar domestic hot water.
30 tubes in Victoria BC in 1990.
30 tubes installed in 1995 in Portland Oregon. Used for solar domestic hot water.
Another solar domestic hot water installation. This set of 30 tubes was installed 25 years ago in Wrightwood, California.
40 tubes installed in 1990 in Delta BC.
This bank of 60 tubes was installed at Baltimore Gas & Electric in 1992. They use it for domestic hot water
60 tubes in Ladysmith in 1993 for domestic hot water
This 60 tube system serves both a pool and a radiant floor slab. It was installed in Edmonton, Alberta in 1992
This 90 tube system was designed for both domestic hot water and radiant floor heating. It was installed in 1993 in Eugene, Oregon.
120 tubes in Moscow Idaho. This house is completely off the grid and produces all of its energy independently.
150 tubes in West Vancouver. It heats a pool, the radiant floor slab and provides domestic hot water.
This 180 tube system provides the hot water needed for a photo processing lab in Victoria, British Columbia.
This 180 tube system supplies the hot water for an RV park in Whitehorse.
This 220 tube system is used to heat a pool and hot tub in the summer, then provide radiant floor heating and domestic hot water in the winter.
690 tubes were installed on this hospital, to supply it with all of its hot water needs.
This is a series of unusual installations that creative homeowners have applied.