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Product Overview

Enerworks is proud to offer a complete line of products to suit your solar heating needs. We stand behind our quality.

Standard designs (including DIY) for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems are available. These vary depending on your locations and whether the area is subject to freezing. A Enerworks solar heating system is easy to install and a complete DHW installation can be completed within a day or two. Installation is straightforward for both new buildings and retrofits. In fact, the collector is so light and modular that it can be installed by just one person.

Ask us about custom designs for integrating solar domestic hot water with wood stoves, hot tubs, pools, radiant heating etc.

Green Emissions

Many people already appreciate the need to reduce fossil fuel emissions – particularly carbon dioxide. In north America every kilowatt hour of electricity produces about 2.2 lbs. of CO2. In most areas only $100 worth of electricity puts well over one ton of CO2 into the atmosphere!

Even natural gas (methane) will produce over seven tons of CO2 annually from an average house, and because methane is such a powerful greenhouse gas, tiny leaks in the system pollute a great deal. Put another way, a domestic Enerworks system annually prevents the equivalent pollution of one car!


Our solar heating systems pay for themselves many times over in their 20+ year lifetime, depending on fuel cost increases and adaptability towards using solar energy. What else can you buy that even begins to pay for itself?

When looked at as a return on investment, a quality Enerworks solar system is actually a far better investment than most pension plans. The return on investment on a Enerworks system is generally over 5% and it can be as high as 14%. As utility prices rise the return on investment will rise, increasing the original value. More importantly, you own the system, therefore it can never be a bad investment! You can even take it with you if you move!

What Do I Do Next?

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Collector Description

The Enerworks Solar Collector consists of a manifold and evacuated tubes. The manifold is the largest component of the collector unit, and is the structure in which the tubes are individually clamped. Manifolds come in four sizes, a 5 tube, 10 tube, 20 tube or a 30 tube. For larger solar heating demand, the manifolds are connected in series to fulfill your heating needs.

Enerworks offers several roof mounting kits to allow optimal angle positioning of the collector suitable for your situation. The collectors can also be installed on the ground.

Enerworks Evacuated Solar Tubes

Our Solar Tubes are different from any other. A tube will not boil, freeze or corrode. It is lightweight, attractive, maintenance free and pays for itself. It performs well in all weather, operates automatically, has overheating protection built in and is totally safe. This provides a diode function and the important safety protection against overheating. This is unique to Enerworks.

The tubes are engineered around a super-efficient conducting “heat-pipe”, sitting within the evacuated tube. Solar energy strikes the absorber plate attached to the heat pipe, heating the fluid within the pipe, starting a vaporization-condensation cycle that transfers heat to the cylindrical heat-exchanger at the top of the tube. Within only a few minutes on a bright day the cylindrical heat exchanger gets hot enough to burn your hand, though the glass tube stays cool.

Adding Heat to a Hot System

Collector efficiency remains high in diffused light (cloudy and semi-clear conditions). Throughout the year over 70% of the available energy from the sky is converted into heat regardless of the intensity of light. This collector can add heat to your hot water tank even on a cold and windy day!

Enerworks tubes pull the best vacuum in the industry (meaning the space within the glass tube contains no air). The better the vacuum within the tube, the fewer molecules there are providing heat losses. The vacuum also safeguards the collector against the effects of humidity and condensation. The lower the heat losses of the tube, the higher the efficiency and the better the collector can add heat to a hot system. Enerworks collectors can add heat to a system already at 60-80 degrees C (140-176 F), making them also applicable for space heating applications.

Independent tests have shown that the energy output of a Enerworks collector is two to three times that of an equal size “flat-plate” panel on an annual basis. Flat plates are well known for a large heat losses at higher temperatures.

A moderate sized Enerworks system can supply 60-70% of your annual hot water requirements, with the remainder supplied by either a gas or electricity backup. These characteristics combine to make a Enerworks installation truly all weather, year round system.

We offer two lines of solar hot water tanks from 50-120 Gallon: glass lined (like a domestic electric tank), and full stainless steel. We have a wide range of tanks to choose from, ranging from single coil basic tanks to full multiple coil tanks that allow you to heat both your home and your water. We stand behind our quality.

See our Enerworks Residential Catalogue for more information