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1.25" (CxC) Webstone SWT Brass Purge & Fill Valve

1.25" (CxC) Webstone SWT Brass Purge & Fill Valve

Your Price CAD:$53.49
Part Number:PGL-WEB-58615
With the Webstone Purge & Fill Valve you can simultaneously drain, flush and refill and hydronic system.  The 3-way ball valve quickly isolates the flow between the two hose connections, diverts flow out of the system and allows new fluid to be introduced through the remaining hose connection.  Other Webstone identified advantages over field assembly include:

  • Replaces 7 components
  • Eliminates 6 leak paths
  • Saves 54 minutes of labor
  • Saves Space
  • Guaranteed for life by Webstone

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