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Caleffi 10" color changing demineralizing filter (Caleffi NA573102)
Caleffi NA573102

Caleffi 10" color changing demineralizing filter (Caleffi NA573102)

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Part Number:NA573102
Brand new Caleffi 10" color changing demineralizing filter (Caleffi NA573102).  This is a replacement demineralization cartridge for the replenishment water treatment filling Unit (NA573). 

The 10-inch cartridge insert, code NA573102, containing the color changing resin beads that demineralizes water passing through it, will appear blue color when new. The internal color will change to amber as the resin beads approach a spent condition. Each cartridge can demineralize approximately 30 gallons of water. This should provide several years of normal make-up water supply, assuming only minor water losses from the system occur.

Max inlet pressure:  125 psi
Max working temp:  100°F

Max flow:  1 gpm
TDS of water after treatment:  < 30 ppm

Cartridge change

1. Close the isolation ball valves. 
2. Turn the cartridge with white plastic wrench included with unit.
3. Remove the used cartridge and discard them. 
4. Insert the new cartridge. 
5. Turn the cartridge and tighten in place with the white plastic wrench. 
6. Re-open the isolation ball valves to return to normal operation.

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