Grundfos RPS 0-10bar Pressure and Temperature Sensor Kit

Grundfos RPS 0-10bar Pressure and Temperature Sensor Kit

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Part Number:C1M-GRPS-145
The Grundfos RPS 0-10bar sensor is a combined pressure and temperature sensor (two-in-one solution). The Grundfos RPS 0-10bar sensor is fully compatible with wet, aggressive media. They use MEMS sensing technology in combination with the corrosion-resistant Silicoat® coating technology on the sensor chip. 


    • domestic hot-water system efficiency
    • water level in central heating system
    • dry-running protection in solar systems and gas boilers
    • monitoring of pressure and temperature Features
    • pressure ranges: 0-10 bar (0 - 145.0 psi)
    • temperature ranges: 0-100C (32-212°F)
    • voltage output (ratiometric, ideal for use with microcontroller)
    • compact and robust mechanical design
    • approved for potable water: WRAS, KTW, W270, ACS.


    • pressure and temperature sensor in one package (two-in-one sensor)
    • compatible with wet, aggressive media
    • accurate, linearised and temperature-compensated pressure sensor
    • fast temperature response (direct media contact)

    • Grundfos RPS 0-10 bar (0 - 145.0 psi) sensor
    • 1/2" NPT stainless steel (316L) nipple
    • Clip
    • Cable (1 meter long)

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