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Grundfos VFS 10-200 Flow and Temperature Sensor (97918131)
Grundfos VFS 10-200 Flow and Temperature Sensor (97918131)

Grundfos VFS 10-200 Flow and Temperature Sensor (97918131)

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Part Number:C1M-GVFS-10

Grundfos Direct Sensors, type VFS, is a series of combined flow and temperature sensors (two-in-one) based on the principle of vortex shedding behind a bluff body. The VFS sensors are designed for high-volume production and are fully compatible with wet, aggressive media. The VFS sensor utilizes MEMS sensing technology in combination with a novel packaging concept using a corrosion-resistant coating on the MEMS sensor element. This makes the VFS sensor very robust and ideal for many different applications. 

Compatible with Resol controls sold purchased on Solarthermal.com which accept flow and pressure sensors (RPS and VFS).

Please note: Grundfos, the manufacturer, does not include the cable in this kit. 

Sold separately:

ModelPart #   Flow range      Flow range      Temperature range      Temperature range   
 0 - 100 °C32 - 212 °F
  VFS 10-200   97918131   10-200 l/min    2.6 - 53 gpm  

Included in the package:

VFS 10-200 (97918131)

    • 1 sensing element
    • 1" Brass NPT male fittings (2 nuts and 2 nipples)
    • O-rings
    • 1 clip
    • Composite body


    • thermal management in solar heating systems
    • industrial process flow control
    • flow rate detection for pump controls
    • monitoring of pumps, valves, and filters
    • cooling and temperature control
    • domestic hot-water systems
    • heat metering (solar - heat pumps).


    • based on vortex shedding
    • voltage output (ratiometric, ideal for use with microprocessor and PLC)
    • compact and robust design
    • approved for potable water: WRAS, KTW, W270, ACS.


    • no moving parts
    • flow and temperature sensor in one package (two-in-one sensor)
    • fast temperature response (direct media contact)
    • compatible with wet, aggressive media
    • cost-effective and robust construction

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