SWEP B16 - 30 Plate Double Wall Vented Heat Exchanger
30 Plate DW Heat Exchanger

SWEP B16 - 30 Plate Double Wall Vented Heat Exchanger

Your Price CAD:$1,135.20
Part Number:HXG-BPS-B16DW-30A
SWEP B16 double wall vented heat exchangers provide superior performance while complying with strict code requirements to prevent contamination.  The double wall design provides a small air gap between the solar heat transfer fluid and the domestic water side of the heating system.  In the event of a rupture on either the solar side, or the domestic water side the air gap provides a non-pressurized escape path for the fluid.  This eliminates potential concerns related to domestic water contamination when using single wall heat exchangers.  In addition to added safety to the domestic water system, the double wall heat exchanger design prevents domestic water from entering the collector loop which has the potential to cause freeze damage in cold climates.

Model:  B16DWHx30/1P-SC-M
Plates:  30
Type:  Double Wall
Ports:  1" Male NPT
Max Working Temp:  400F
Max Working Pressure:  650psi
Test Pressure:  997psi
RoHS Compliant:  Yes
Complies with NSF/ANSI 61 drinking water standard 

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