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Solar Controllers & Valves

The solar control system is the smart, easy, efficient way to go solar. It can optimize the performance by only redirecting filtered water to the Enersol Pool Panels when the sun’s energy is enough for effective heating.

Why you need a Solar Control System?

Solar pool heating is a smart investment. Yet, partially sunny or rainy days are a challenge. If you use a manual valve to divert the water to your Enersol Pool Panels, you will need to close/open it every time temperature changes. Otherwise, you may be cooling your pool instead of heating it during a partially sunny day. It’s like using an air conditioner or furnace without a thermostat. With an auto control system, partially sunny or rainy days are no longer a problem.

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Did you know that you are still able to draw heat from your roof with the Enersol Pool Heaters 3 or 4 hours after the sun has left? Find more information at Enersol Solar Control System page. 

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