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Tyfocor L (Propylene Glycol), - Heat Transfer Fluid, 2.5 US Gal (9.5L) Jug
Tyfocor L (Propylene Glycol), - Heat Transfer Fluid, 2.5 US Gal (9.5L) Jug

Tyfocor L (Propylene Glycol), - Heat Transfer Fluid, 2.5 US Gal (9.5L) Jug

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Tyfocor L is made by Tyforop Chemie GmbH, in Hamburg Germany.


Tyfocor L is used in solar thermal flat plate and vacuum tube collector applications as the heat transfer fluid. It is also used as coolant additives, cooling medium and anti-corrosion protection in liquid cooled asynchronous motors. Other applications are automation systems for machine tools, torque motors, and direct drive motors. Some brands are Siemens, SW machines, Bosh, etc.

This item is one 2.5USG (9.5L) jug of Tyfocor L made by Tyforop.


NOTE: For solar thermal systems, please select the concentration from the drop-down list based on the freezing point:

30% = For temperature down to -14 °C (6.8 °F)

40% = For temperature down to -21.5 °C (-6.7 °F)

50% = For temperature down to -32.4 °C (-26.3 °F)

60% = For temperature down to -48.4 °C (-55.1 °F)

100% = For temperature down to < -50 °C (-58 °F)


For different concentrations, please Contact Us and we will arrange your request.


- Tyfocor L is a practically odorless, hygroscopic liquid based on non-toxic propylene glycol

- The corrosion inhibitors in Tyfocor L reliably protect all the metal materials normally used in solar systems over the long term against corrosion, aging, and scaling

- Tyfocor L keeps heat transfer surfaces clean, ensuring consistently high system efficiency

- Tyfocor L is fully miscible with water and protects against freezing down to -50 °C (-58 °F) (depending on the concentration)

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